Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So where have I been? Well, I've been designing book covers. Part of my assignment for the next year is doing 4 books for teen girls. It's a good stretch for me but requiring a level of obsession that is not sustainable with regular blogging. Basically I have to completely dive into it.

I have a cold. I think. I am sneezy and used my neti pot and Zicam this morning and am feeling at least slightly better. But not sure if I'm truly sick or it's just the weather.

So anyway. Back soon. I will try to think of something interesting to say.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Go vote.

Don't listen to the media, who pretend this election has already been decided by the small minority of people who participate in polling.

Don't listen to the people who are saying one candidate already has things wrapped up. He doesn't, and the flurry of activity coming out of his campaign says he doesn't.

Don't stay home thinking your vote doesn't matter. You have a say in who rules over this country for the next four years.

Go vote. Don't stay home today. Elections are decided by people, not polls.

Go vote.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday best

Y'all know I love for you to hit up new blogs with me - this one is really cool. My friend Tifany - my awesome, darling, trustworthy, wise, fabulous & beautiful friend Tifany - is one of those people I really secretly want to strangle sometimes because she is SO gifted at thrifting -

- and I am not. I go to a Goodwill and see walls full of junk. She walks out with a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for 8 bucks.

So really, I am not going to strangle my friend! But I am so happy to tell you that she started a blog to share her thrifty finds and home improvement projects with us. She's also a wife, mom of 2 and homeschools her kids so no saying you don't have time!

Check out her blog here: Savvy Suburban Supermom. Her latest bookshelf project? Fabulous!

It pained me too much to tell y'all last week, but I finished my first Knotty or Knice sock - and it's too tight across my ankle. It was fiddly and drove me crazy, and though the result is beautiful, my heart is just not in knitting the second sock. So I started another pair, because I have so much yellow Gems Opal sock yarn from my failed TDF project - this time a pair of Reversi. (In my sidebar.)

However, I strongly believe this yarn is jinxed for me right now and I am not sure I will ever finish it. So I am thinking of digging through the sock yarn to find something else, and just putting the yellow yarn aside.

(PS: GAP is having a sale on winter coats, I got a gray 60s-looking short trench wool coat for 30% off...)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some thoughts for Saturday

1. If you left a comment discussing how idiotic one candidate is over the other and did not leave a Blogger profile or an email address, I have deleted your comment. In the interests of free and fair discussion, anybody who left a Blogger comment or email address is still on the blog, and I will not delete your thoughts. It's very interesting to hear them and I appreciate every comment.

2. My sister's hubby is leaving his current job and it's very possible he will get a job that is much, much closer to Mom and where I live as well. I am trying not to get too excited, but by next week I ought to know if my baby sister will be within driving distance of me! Yay! Let's hope! :)

3. Working on a freelance project this weekend. Thinking of playing all LOTR movies back-to-back to keep me company. Do y'all ever do that?

4. Totally, completely addicted to the following iPhone apps: Trace (free, super cool game), Grocery IQ ($1.99, make lists, email them to people, and add your own items in addition to using giant database that comes with it), AirSharing ($6.99, keep pdfs and other docs on your phone), ToyBot Diaries (free version or $3.99 for full, another cool game), Shazam (free, identifies a song playing on the radio for you), Things ($9.99, great to-do list), Balance (free, a checking account register) and Aurora Feint (free, totally addictive game). The thing I love most about my phone is the endless potential for customization. So, work it! :) Check 'em out.