Thursday, July 31, 2003

I paid off the IRS yesterday - $524. I am glad that i didn't have to stress about paying out the money, just write a check.

29 pounds total. I am going to hang out with Kim and Joan this weekend and clean the house.

My office needs cleaning and I need to put my August schedules down on paper.

I went to chiro yesterday (monthly visit) and didn't even need an adjustment. My neck is healed. Praise God.

Emily is getting married. How fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

I just did a very simple search for Bryan and discovered he married the girl he dumped me for.

I heard many times that he beat her very badly while they dated. If so, it's really sad they got married.

I really hope he has reformed. This girl pursued him during the entire year I dated him and was really awful to me - but hey, that was high school. Whatever, you know?

It was disturbing to find out he married her. He is 35, bald, and works in a gas station.

I am just glad it wasn't me.
Have lost 27 pounds. How is this happening?

You know, funny timing but right around the time I started dealing with the Bryan stuff I started losing weight.

V good. Watched Bridget Jones' Diary again today. The perfect movie about how f-ed up relationships are and yet we all still want them.

I'm Bridget. Have never worn bunny suit to Tarts and Vicars Party but life is not yet over as far as I can tell.

Why do razors cost so much? Am sick of paying to de-hair my body. I really hate shaving my legs.
I don't know what kind of a big vent to dump in here.

Something in my past got resolved this week. His name is Bryan, and I saw him Saturday - first time in fifteen years.


Thursday, July 10, 2003

So, somehow I just go around causing trouble for myself. I went to lunch too early and ended up reading a colleague's article in a magazine. The topic was about how Christians are supposed to keep the Sabbath by going to church on Sunday. I emailed the author and am hoping for some discussion. Things like this can make people really mad so I hope that doesn't happen.

Ann Coulter has sunk to new lows. She made some comment about Hillary Clinton being fat. I am no fan of Hillary but that is just bitchy. What is her deal? I think an adequate comeback from Hillary would be 'You know, PMS affects us all differently.'

I might not do this Columbia Icefield trip. No models within 100 miles and the assistant can really only pose for one cover without us getting letters about why he always shows up. So we were looking at Denali and possibly the AK arctic circle - we'll have to see.

Making changes to the quarterly v.2.0...not my idea of a stunning afternoon...
So today I have to finish a book design, which has been killing me. I took on the job because it would be good experience and a good change from my normal responsibilities. The design is done but now I am just chasing details. Which is not my favorite part of art direction --

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. It was fun, thrilling, hilarious, and all around entertaining. I want makeup like Keira Knightley's. Did pretty well this morning with some rose gold shadow...but I want that bricky, burgundy color. Just what I need - more makeup.

Have today blocked into 1hour chunks of proofreading, making changes, and searching for art. I am so tired today - slept cruddy - and I don't want to be here but I am traveling twice in the next two weeks and must get it done.

23.5 pounds so far. Wonder when it will stop. :) There will be pictures at the wedding, and at least I will look good.