Friday, June 15, 2001

3:55 pm - Have finished Photoshop work and must lay out 9 pages by 5:00. Chances are good if able to stay focused...v. tired.

4:00 pm - Have decided to take ink cartridge from gel pen and put in nifty green metallic pen body as will only take a minute. Unscrew gel pen and attempt to insert cartridge in metallic pen. Gel pen cartridge too long, must be trimmed.

4:05 pm - Have successfully trimmed cartridge to proper length, but am unable to locate retractable spring. Crawling around on floor looking for spring as no suitable substitute found.

4:07 pm - Successfully located spring. Put everything together: ink tip of gel pen too big for metallic barrel. Put black cartridge back in metallic pen.

4:08 pm - Attempt to put gel cartridge back in gel pen, however cartridge now too short, rendering pen useless.

4:09 pm - Discarded gel pen into trash. Gone to find another. Will only take a minute.

4:10 pm - Going through trash as no more gel pens. Will only take a minute. Contents of trash: 2 Styrofoam boxes - 1 breakfast, 1 lunch; Styrofoam cup; empty diet Pepsi bottle; remains of paper airplane from yesterday's project; 1 gel pen cartridge, 1 gel pen body and - doggoneit - one very elusive spring. Dragged trash can into hallway to ensure dumping today as contains leftover green beans.

4:11 pm - Down the hall to bathroom to remove green bean juice from spring. Stop at receptionist to order more gel pens for department. Good use of time as will definitely prevent future episodes such as this.

4:12 - Back to find computer frozen. Restart computer.

4:13 - While computer is restarting, attempt to rig gel pen with blu-tack, which overflows into back of pen creating sticky mess. Resort to tape. Does not work on cartridge as too fat so must fix cartridge in 'out' position by sticking pen 'clicker' all the way in barrel and securing with tape.

4:17 - Pen feels funny to write with. Throwing pen away.

4:18 - Resorted to writing with red ink until new pens come in.

4:20 - Email Joan to say have given up and am going home. Can accomplish nothing more this week and am at absolute end with pen fiasco, headache, too much coffee and rainy day. Will only take a minute.

4:30 Going home. Number of page layouts done: 0. Number of useful pens on desk: 1 less than before. Number of large headaches: 1.

Sigh. No wonder I'm always at work. Hope you have a great afternoon. I'm leaving in a bit as an act of surrender.