Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Been away a long time.

The good news is, I lost 12 pounds. The bad news is, my Tiffany's ring no longer fits - it falls off my finger if I'm not careful. Will make trip to NYC in October for another one.

Small price to pay. Any excuse for New York!

Watching the Jayson Blair debacle unfold at NY Times.

Discovered hummus. Currently addicted.

Redesign complete and first issue done. Trying to find pace for new design - did 16 pages today. That means 4 days on interior pages plus my regulation 4 days on cover, etc.

Must revamp production schedule.

I get to buy a new swimsuit this weekend. Home to Mom's on Wednesday. How exciting!

I need a haircut. No color until September - hair will turn white anyway in five minutes of sun.

The problems I have...