Thursday, July 10, 2003

So today I have to finish a book design, which has been killing me. I took on the job because it would be good experience and a good change from my normal responsibilities. The design is done but now I am just chasing details. Which is not my favorite part of art direction --

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. It was fun, thrilling, hilarious, and all around entertaining. I want makeup like Keira Knightley's. Did pretty well this morning with some rose gold shadow...but I want that bricky, burgundy color. Just what I need - more makeup.

Have today blocked into 1hour chunks of proofreading, making changes, and searching for art. I am so tired today - slept cruddy - and I don't want to be here but I am traveling twice in the next two weeks and must get it done.

23.5 pounds so far. Wonder when it will stop. :) There will be pictures at the wedding, and at least I will look good.


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