Thursday, July 10, 2003

So, somehow I just go around causing trouble for myself. I went to lunch too early and ended up reading a colleague's article in a magazine. The topic was about how Christians are supposed to keep the Sabbath by going to church on Sunday. I emailed the author and am hoping for some discussion. Things like this can make people really mad so I hope that doesn't happen.

Ann Coulter has sunk to new lows. She made some comment about Hillary Clinton being fat. I am no fan of Hillary but that is just bitchy. What is her deal? I think an adequate comeback from Hillary would be 'You know, PMS affects us all differently.'

I might not do this Columbia Icefield trip. No models within 100 miles and the assistant can really only pose for one cover without us getting letters about why he always shows up. So we were looking at Denali and possibly the AK arctic circle - we'll have to see.

Making changes to the quarterly v.2.0...not my idea of a stunning afternoon...


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