Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FO coming soon

I finished the knitting part of the Fetching mitts last night - thankfully the yarn shop had another ball. I have a couple of ends to weave in and a hole or two to plug in the thumb area and then it's photo shoot time.

The Flower Basket shawl is probably never going to get finished, but it for sure won't be done by my stepmother's birthday. I talked to her about it last night, and she's fine with it but requested a hat, something warm and thick she can pull down and fold up over her ears. (Think I'll go yarn shopping.)

My dentist got killed. He and his wife were driving and they got into a bad wreck and died the Friday before Thanksgiving. I will miss his Hawaiian shirts and jeans and bright blue eyes and cheery personality. He did the best job of anyone at getting my bonded teeth to bite properly, and he was all around a nice man. I'm very sorry for what happened to them. Because until I started going there, I was really nervous at the dentist. So nervous that there have been whole, eight-year-long stretches of my life with no dental appointments at all. (He always said "you have such nice teeth. We rarely see people with all their teeth." - because I have all my wisdom teeth and no cavities.)

Rest well, Dr Graham.

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