Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dispatches from Crazyland

I have so many deadlines going right now I might as well have a "wash my face" deadline and an "eat chips" deadline because that is how much I have to schedule my life. Today will be another busy one, culminating in a visit to the vet for Grady because he keeps shaking his head, and cries a little when I rub his ear. Poor guy. I called the vet yesterday, and they couldn't see him till today.

The camera used to shoot pictures of Fee (who is a she) is a Fuji FinePix F700. I highly recommend Fuji cameras. I'm a little worried about mine, which is about six years old and is getting some weird screen action going on. The first law of electronics is that they wear out, right? But Fujis are good cameras. Also if you're looking so are Nikons.

In other news, my bright shiny new Columbia parka arrived on Monday! I don't remember what I told y'all about this. Suffice it to say I tried to order it from two online retailers only to be told it was backordered indefinitely. Finally I ordered it from Shyda's, who apparently wholesales to the public because I got a great deal. This jacket looks like a windbreaker! It has an iPod pocket! A lipstick pocket! And let me tell you what, it is WARM. As in, too warm to wear zipped up in the car with the heat on. It is an Outside Jacket, and it's for fairly cold weather, anything below 30s. (Stop laughing, Chris. I know we are Not Minnesota. I know that was a heat wave when I lived in Michigan.)

Due largely to the influence of Jessica (she pointed out this seller), I now have a new iPod case on the way. It's a brown cord bag with a pink zipper, cool flowery lining and a pink star on the side. I have been looking for an entire year for something to carry Henrietta (yes, I named my iPod in a fit of silliness) in. At the moment I have a sad old iPod sock, not knitted by me, and an extra Tiffany's ring bag for the headphones (they give them to you when you have your ring cleaned). Functional, if not stylish. The iPod itself I have in one of those acrylic snap-on cases that holds it tight, but I still don't want THAT case to get scratched. So this seems like a perfect solution - a bag that holds headphones and iPod, and looks really really good.

You know, I often get annoyed with people who go on and on about all their daily purchases arriving and think HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU PEOPLE SPEND ONLINE. Truth is, I haven't been to the mall in ages. I have had a small fit of online buying lately, but I really need to go to the Gap or something. I was in a yarn shop this weekend (a darling little store with a WHOLE WALL OF LAMB'S PRIDE BULKY, which I love, you mohair-haters aside and by the way there is nothing at that website) and didn't buy anything. So...this month I would like to not order so much online stuff.

Must put on makeup, make self presentable and pretend to be sane, calm and collected today. Bye!


Blogger Chris said...

Can't I laugh at least a little bit?! It's supposed to get down to zero tonight, with a high of 14 tomorrow. *shivers*

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