Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All this "stuff" are belong to us

Stuff as in "things" as in "I own this and I decided to pack it so now I have to lug it across three airports and get it in and out of this gigantic rental car trunk." I had a Mercury Montego. I am 5'8. The trunk was big enough to fit a family of four comfortably, and I could barely reach the lid when it came time to close it.

I bought some Araucania Nature Wool Chunky and a couple skeins of some cashmerino knock-off at AC Moore, three skeins of Cleckheaton country 8-ply for a fair isle sock project that may or may not work out, and some Haribo gummy bears. To anyone who hasn't had these before - they are the gold standard in gummies. You must try them! I was able to cram everything into my suitcases without too much trouble, but did I really think I needed to bring all those clothes? Seriously, I don't think I did.

Then there is all the online shopping I've been doing lately. Once again, I haven't spent much, but it's stuff. I got a shipment of tea from Adagio - Casablanca Twist (boring minty stuff), Green Anji (my daily staple), and some absolutely delightful smelling Earl Grey Bravo. Next, I found the Euro pillows to match my green duvet at Z Gallerie on clearance. I balked at the $50 each original price even though they came with the down insert, and luckily they had them in stock at the sale for $14.89 each! They arrived yesterday. They are so soft and cushy. Next time I am sick or it's a snow day I am going to just cuddle up in bed with one of those pillows. They are that nice.

Then on top of THAT there is the jacket fiasco. You may remember that a month ago I tried to replace my winter parka and had some bad luck at a few stores and some worse luck with online shopping. Finally I ended up calling Columbia and asking them where I could get the particular jacket I wanted. They recommended one of their wholesalers, and I got the jacket for a little more than half price, and they are supposed to be sending it. I don't think my credit card has been charged yet, so I am not sure what's going on with that but we'll see. They had to get it from Columbia and then were going to send it to me 3-day.

I tell you what, I am sick of waiting for all these packages. Last night I carried in a 25-pound bag of cat litter, a 15 pound bag of another kind of cat litter, and the pillows. I live in a second-floor walk-up. That equals roughly 50 pounds, or 2 pounds more than I lost on Weight Watchers. Can I just tell you I am newly motivated to keep that weight off? Because 40-50 pounds is a lot of dang weight to lug around on your hips. I do not want to ever gain it again.

I remembered the mittens from my youth as having a Selbu pattern on them. The mittens that Mom brought out to show me last week, though, didn't have the Selbu on them. She said the Selbu mitts were "boughten" (isn't that a funny old word? The dictionary says it means 'bought' rather than 'homemade.') But the ones she made? They had a different pattern (pictures later) and they were really pretty. One of the things i did while I was at Mom's was chart the mittens for her so she could make another pair if she wanted. (Where she will find Dale Hauk or another suitable yarn in Florida is beyond me, and she does not internet shop.) I copied the chart for myself and am swatching it in the Country 8-ply. If it works, I'll incorporate it into a nice boot sock. More later, with pictures.

My head hurts thinking about it all. Too much stuff!

PS: The catsitter had a death in the family. She asked someone to cover for her on Sunday, and they didn't. Sigh. She's sat for them for years and does a good job. I think this was an exception.


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There is nothing like hauling bags of kitty litter around to build up upper body strength, is there??

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