Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I worked all night last night making cookies for a party today, so I didn't have any time to take FO pics of Fetching.

How is it that I walked in to Target to spend $12 on cookie sheets and a half-hour later I walked out with $65 in merchandise in my bag? I mean seriously people, that store is eeeevil. (Not evil, there's just a $40 minimum.)

So I bought 80,000 Christmas cards or so (4 boxes), a little something I need for another party on Friday ($7 or so), one of those little trimmer thingies (this is my second one, I know it's crazy but I swear by them to get the layer of blond hair off my face in a way that does not involve waxing, shaving or other torturous forms of hair removal), two baking sheets, a cooling rack AND THAT IS IT.

The cookies are sitting out on the stove - when you make cookies, you have to really beat the heck out of the butter/sugar/egg mixture. Like, at least two minutes. That will totally emulsify the butter and give you nice chewy cookies. I didn't beat the chocolate ones long enough, so those are kind of crispy. But there are few things in life as tasty as a good old chocolate-chip cookie, even if it's crispy, so I am hoping for a little slack.

It is December 13. Christmas is in 12 days and I have not bought any gifts. Y'all, I am going to diiiiiiiiiie. This weekend I've got to finish my shopping for family in Michigan and send those off. Florida family is less urgent, but still - I don't want everything to be sold out.

And GB? Absolutely NO IDEA what to get him. Nothing. Possibly this, but it's only $10 AND it's pink. He's not a bright colors kind of guy.

So anyway. If you click the catalog link you will see my other favorite shirt - the facial hair club for men. I like the chinstache. I have a friend who has one of those. I think he would think that was funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen, you crack me up! I can't imagine the pounding of my brain if I hadn't made/bought any presents by now! Good luck!

7:46 AM  
Blogger Delia said...

Only $65? I'm lucky if I make it out under $100!!!! Damn that place.

12:25 PM  

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