Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coolness Coolness Coolness

Today has just been all-around COOL. I need to ask permission to link to the photos, but Cynthia wrote to me today to tell me she has so far knitted FOUR pairs of arch-shaped socks, she loves the pattern and WOW, she did them in variegated yarn and I lurve them. I mean, I really lurve them! Cynthia, can we link to your photos so everybody can see? Please??? I am so EXCITED!!! [Update: Cynthia is blogless and sent me links to some pics last night: here, here, here, here. Isn't it strange what happens with the variegated? And cool! Woot!]

Then I go over to Mama-E and I see that she is SELLING MEAN GIRL YARN! Y'all remember the Mean Girl socks? Twisted rib? That I am about seven rounds away from finishing? That yarn was custom-dyed by Mama-E for me as part of a swap this summer. She's now selling the yarn under the handle Pink Suede. (Which I quite like, even better than MG.) You can have your very own! Just go on over and read her blog and you'll find out how.

Let me just give her some props in the sock yarn department. Ladies, this yarn is sooooo soft. It knits up sooooo well. There is no pooling, splitting, knotting or other knitting heartache in the skein. It's just pure soft socky love. Mama-E is TALENTED. She is sweet and funny and very gifted with the dye pot. If you're thinking about buying sock yarn, she's got great stuff. You will walk away in disgust from JaWoll after touching it!

Another thing that I am happy about is that a long time ago when Pay It Forward first started, Mama-E (aka Erin) sent me a pair of lovely green earrings with little daisies in them, and I love daisies! but I don't have pierced ears! I never posted about them because I felt bad about not being able to wear them. Well, tonight I was looking at them and HELLO, STITCH MARKERS so I got out my pliers and everything and they are now attached to jump rings and happy as little clams (whoever said clams were happy?). Thank you, gallie!!!

I have to get some sleep because tomorrow is the last bit of the deadline marathon week. I'm behind on my square for Gran Purl, I have two different sock toes to finish, and I'm not letting myself start a new project on vacation (say it slowly: custom-dyed Black Bunny Fiber) until I wrap up those loose ends. Plus, The Codenames have a new Christmas single coming out called Truck Stop Christmas (v funny), and I have to design the faceplate. This weekend. So, sleep. Sorry I don't have any pictures. I promise I'll catch up on those soon, but for now I need some shuteye.


Anonymous Mintyfresh said...

That is all truly totally cool. I love when people knit the socks I designed--gives me a rush to see them every time. I can't imagine the feeling of having a yarn color named for you!

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks friend! i will file the non-pierced ear info for later use.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous mel said...

That is much coolness! I'm intrigued by your sock pattern, may have to cast it on after the holidays. :)

1:35 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Awesome! They look good! The variegated is my favorite! Yay for your sock pattern....

off to email a certain someone, I have to have that Mean Girl yarn! ;)

6:22 PM  

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