Friday, July 07, 2006

The fun never stops

We're changing the name from Chateau I-Cord to Maison des Chats Méticuleux. (There is just no pleasing some kitties.)


(You really shouldn't zoom in on that one.)

Clockwise from top left: S'Wheat (scoopable wheat litter), Pa-Purr (recycled newspaper litter, also scoopable, but smells weird and plasticy), Feline Pine (their current litter, made from pine). You may notice a theme. I like to call it No Clay Litter And Everything Must Be Flushable. (According to some very unscientific tests, they do not actually like the pine. Grady loves the newspaper and waited all of 30 seconds before jumping in. Fee said "eh." Neither of them seem to have noticed the wheat yet. Score is 8-1-0 Newspaper.)

And look what arrived today!


I'm off to move my furniture and vacuum under it. Because, well, my deadline was moved, so I don't have to work this weekend, and the best I can come up with on short notice for "fun on Friday night" is "move the furniture and vacuum under it."

The fun never stops!


Blogger Chris said...

No wheat litter here... I'm using the Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free, which works amazingly well. The litterbox is in my front entrance hallway (it's a cozy condo) and as long as I keep up on basic cleaning, you can't smell anything.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sister... you make me laugh!

6:47 PM  

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