Saturday, July 01, 2006


So yeah, today I've been reading the esteemed Fashion Nightmare Blog, Go Fug Yourself. Because it's funny. Because they really think they look good.

So I was reading the archives and this Dear Auntie column has a "letter" from a person who thinks she's "edgy" because she has her nose, eyebrows, navel and several other body parts pierced.

I mean, COME ON, people, it is SO not 1986 anymore. That (while is may be your personal fashion choice) is most certainly not "edgy." Hilarious, and kind of reminds me of the House episode where the med school guy told House he was an individual because of the tattoos on his arms, and House responded by saying "yes, that's so original, you and 100,000 other kids who think getting a tattoo makes them original really have a point there." (Not that I mind tattoos, but he was right. Get them if you like them, not because they make you an individual.)

Speaking of edgy, I think my Pea Pod sweater swatch could have used some proper edging -

Pea Pod sweater swatch
(It's a little crooked but oh well.)

I swatched for gauge, then swatched the lace setup, the lace and the lace finishing charts. I don't know if I'm going to cast on for this. I really really really like the lace. I love the color of yarn i bought. But today I'm not feeling like casting on 134 stitches for a sweater. Even if that sweater is really super cute and cool. (Actually after some contemplation I'm not sure I want to knit anything green again for a long while.)

(Note: I did the garter stitch up top because I had too much trouble figuring out which side was which. I know. That doesn't make sense. But it helped me!

So today I'm knitting socks. And I'm really happy with my boy Thor Hushovd (Norway!) for winning the Prologue time trial. First rider in the tour to wear the maillot jaune.



Blogger Chris said...

Alas, this is the only time of year that I wish I had cable! This is going to be such a weird Tour...

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Ana said...

Lovely swatch! Can you share what yarn you are using, I quite like the shade of green!

1:33 PM  

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