Wednesday, June 28, 2006

$68 and change

Lord help me, I was watching QVC last night. Because they had Bare Escentuals on there (doesn't that sound like a typo), complete with sales lady wearing too much of it (tan body, white face too!) and lots of deals. The sales lady kept saying "for $44 and change" and I thought it was funny. I watched in the hopes I'd pick up a few makeup tips. I used the BE for a shoot yesterday, and I'm not sure if it worked or not. It seemed to reflect well, but maybe looked a little chalky.

So I bought three faux-leather hatboxes at Target last night. Part of my ongoing stash-management operation. One now holds sock yarn, one holds wips, and one is empty (but I feel I'm going to need it). Aside from sock yarn, I don't have much of a stash. I also bought one rectangular divided box I am using for my office, some 2.5 gallon ziploc bags and three bars of Irish Spring (apparently a moth repellent). The total? $68 and change.

Weirdly, I didn't feel like knitting socks last night. The pattern I'm using - 2 x 2 rib - just isn't that exciting anymore now that I've done the heel, and the Sundara yarn is still calling to me. So if you can believe it, I pulled out my Clapotis to work on. I'm on repeat 11 of the straight section. I have always liked this pattern and I love my yarn - it just got to the point where it wasn't portable anymore and socks got my attention (this is my 12th pair this year, I'm obviously chasing Stariel). But for some reason it just feels like a waste to have poor little clapotis sitting in a basket with no one to love her, knit her or wear her, so I'm going to make an effort.

Some of you expressed interest in that sock heel. You can find links in the comments section. The general instruction is to start increasing when you get to the part where the top of your foot meets your leg. Increase the bottom only by 175% (multiply your number of stitches on the needle x 1.75, so if you have 40 stitches on your bottom needle, increase to 70). Whatever that number is, round it off to an even and increase at the bottom corners every other row till you hit it. Then decrease/turn like you turn a normal sock heel - knit to 2 past the middle, ssk, k1, turn; sl 1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn. Work the two stitches over the gaps together until you are back down to 32 stitches. (I came out with 30 left over after I decreased all the way, and added two stitches next round to avoid gaps). There are no gussets to pick up - you simply rejoin for working in the round. So easy!

Ok, I'm not kidding - that really is all there is to it. If you can turn a regular heel, you can do this one. And while I could have eventually figured that out, it was nice to have a guideline or two to work from.

I washed my hair today so you know I'm running late. Happy Wednesday.

(PS, If anyone has been wondering, our good friend Kirsten hasn't dropped off the planet, died, or run away with the circus. She has hit the ground running selling Arbonne since she came back from Croatia. So if you have a need for know where to go! I miss her blogging too.)


Blogger Jocelyn said...

Ah, QVC. Before I started knitting again last fall, I was like one of those women who call in and say they spend so much time with their UPS man that they know his name. Walter. Anyway, I stopped buying when I re-started knitting last fall, but I've more than made up for the spending with my yarn purchases! I will say that I returned all of my Cook's Essentials cookware last month (some of which was four years old) because I was worried about the Teflon. I spent $90 on shippping 3 big boxes, but I did get almost $400 back. AFTER 4 YEARS OF USE. Their customer service is unbelievable. I read in a newspaper article that BE's appearances on QVC have been hugely successful for their retail operations. I guess you aren't alone in watching them when they are on! Enjoy.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the Kirsten update. :)

11:47 PM  
Anonymous lyn said...

We don't watch QVC .My normally 'careful with money' husband seems to get possessed by a money spending entity.So he's not allowed to view it anymore.
Nice yarn !

3:55 PM  

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