Monday, November 19, 2007

I know what my dad would say

"The Titans were playing the Broncos. The Broncos left the field, and four plays later, the Titans scored." He would have ACTUALLY said "The Lions were playing the Packers," being from Michigan and all, but you get the idea.

What a painful game, and the pain was only eased slightly by the pizza and cookies. Sigh.

I am going through the "paranoid" stage with Glee, where I'm terrified that it won't fit, it will be much too big and I'll have to rip back and knit eight zillion stitches again, the sleeves won't be long enough, I'll run out of yarn, and the button bands won't lie flat. Also the bottom hem will look dodgy, and smack in the middle of the back will be a giant loose stitch.

The only cure for this? More knitting. Tomorrow, though, I have to pack her up and take her on a trip with me. I'll also bring a sock, but I need one more "easy" project. i am thinking of Jaywalkers, since I've just gotten two new lovely skeins of Vesper - Love Stinks and Build Me Up Buttercup. Stripey goodness is hard to resist.

Then again, I could always use another hat, if only as a palate cleanser. But tonight as a knitter, I feel like I'd fit into my dad's equation. Four plays later, I'll get a touchdown. I don't know why knitting seems so uphill lately. But I am trying to hang in there.


Anonymous Kim said...

Our poor, poor Titans. My only consolation is that Jay Cutler is doing so well. If only it weren't in Denver. . .

6:21 AM  

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