Saturday, November 17, 2007

The paint continues to dry

Glee is just not all that interesting to photograph. I'm to the elbow of the left arm, but decided it's too baggy and I'll probably rip some of it back a bit. Like maybe an inch or two, and then start some shaping. I'm totally winging the sleeves.

Pardon me while I distract you from my knitting non-progress with two pretty kitties. They were outside today in the sun. He was happier to model than she. She's almost got her full winter coat...and she thinks it makes her look fat. (No way, kitty!)

daily kitty pic

daily kitty pic

In other news, I bought a 4 1/2 ft tall Christmas tree, mostly because I'm staying here for Christmas and though it's what I want to do, it has me a little depressed. On one hand, I've never spent a Christmas here in my own apartment. On the other, it's sad to miss the nieces and nephews. There are good reasons to stay here and not go visit family, and I may yet take off the day after Christmas for Mom's. So I bought a little tree with white lights and a gold star and some gold ornaments and gold garland. I have no idea how it will look (besides gold) but I think it will be a sweet little tree. I hope it doesn't look more like a Christmas branch.

I am not, however, putting it up yet. I only bought it because if I wait till I want to put it up, there will be nothing left on the shelves except a few empty ornament hangers. A girl needs her pride.


Blogger Kristina said...

My trees in my apartment were always 4 1/2 ft, and they were just the right size. I don't think you should be depressed at all about spending Christmas in your apartment. Enjoy the day- sleep in, watch movies, ect. :)

3:58 PM  

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