Monday, November 05, 2007

It's late, I'm wordy, but I'm starting to feel better!

We made it through all the bad weather with a minimum of fussing (which is all I can be thankful for, because YOU try to wrangle two cats who are upset and don't know what's happening and then put them into the bathroom, the closed door will make them work like crazy to get out and one-at-a-time they will and run to points unknown, which is exactly where you do not want them to be during a storm). At one point in the field my apartment faces it was raining in a sort of sideways-spiral, and we did have tornadoes or at least rotation very near where I live, which is why I barricaded myself in the bathroom with pillows and flashlights and cats. (No actual touch-downs, I don't think.) We had a couple of bone-chilling cracks of lightning, followed by what I think of as 'southern thunder' - big, booming craziness that goes on and on and is so loud and echoey you can literally feel your pulse speed up when you hear it.

No matter how long I live here I will never get used to the fact that not only do we have at least one tornado-warning every six months, almost none of the houses have basements. ("Why no, Mr Developer, we sure don't expect you to go blasting into the earth to give us a basement, that would be crazy.")

Another thing is that in all honesty I've been spending too much time in certain debate forums online. I used to be the type who never tired of this stuff, but now it makes me more than a little exhausted. I had some good discussions in there, but I am afraid that it made me neglect the blog. I'm in a place at work where I need to be good and finish up what has to be done before I get to switch to what I am really looking forward to doing this month.

And surfing around for reviews, opinions and plan details because you want an iPhone doesn't help with the time, either. :) I'm " " this close.

I woke up from a bad dream on the couch - I witnessed a murder, and the person saw me do it. Now why the HECK does this kind of mess bubble up in my head at night? Too much Law & Order, that's why. I watched a show with this exact theme just before I fell asleep in front of the football game. Next time I'll try to debrief before hitting the hay.


Blogger Anne said...

Go ahead and get it. iPhones are fun and it's really only $20/month extra for the data plan. You can check Ravelry before stash enhancement or book purchases, thus avoiding costly duplication. That alone is worth the extra money ... isn't it? (-:

4:25 AM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

When I was a twork one day, a gal came in and couldn't remember how much yarn she needed. She whipped out her iphone, went to her account on Ravelry, checked her queue, saw the yarn requirements, and bought the yarn! Less than 2 minutes. What a great idea. Hope you get it.

7:18 AM  
Blogger TheBunny said...

No, next time you watch a movie with someone you have an inappropriate crush on right before bed. MUCH better dreams. ;-)

4:21 PM  

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