Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Thursday

I had a few things to talk about, like how I forgot to shave my legs before I went for that pedicure. I was at least a week past permissible leg hair. You know, a few days after you shave you can still get away with wearing shorts. Not me, though! I do things 110%. (In this instance I think I went for 150.) The lady who does my toes gave me a real nice "Dontworryaboutit!" and of course I forgot until the massage part, but it was generally okay. And of course yesterday morning I did possibly the best job shaving I've ever done.

But then I decided that what I really need to talk about is how my aunt Carol's house was haunted, back when I was growing up. I have already mentioned this, but it bears repeating because I am reminded of Ethel a lot. Every now and again I get a whiff of cigarette smoke in my apartment, although I have lived there for many years and do not smoke. As far as I know my neighbors don't, either, unless they have a strict no-smoking-outside-on-the-porch rule. So I figure that although I have new carpets and a nice coat of paint (including covering over the part where the dog tried to chew its way out of the window, at least I hope it was a dog), I occasionally get a little whiff of smoke. I don't know where it's coming from.

But Ethel? Ethel smoked and smoked. Nobody in Auntie's family smoked, but every once in a while they'd wake up in the middle of the night smelling smoke in the front room. Auntie would yell "Go back to bed, Ethel!" and the smell would dissipate. So we figured Ethel was a ghost, sitting in the front room and smoking like maybe she did years and years before.

I don't think I have a ghost. I also don't think my kitties have taken up smoking. But the whiff of smoke I get every so often baffles me.

And also, my parents are in Ocean Springs, Mississippi looking at houses. Mom is lucky as ever - she turned a $20 free voucher into $575 last night in about thirty minutes. They love the area and while I'm sad they aren't moving to Memphis, at least it's closer than 12 hours by car. They smoke. I am really hoping they don't take it up again with a vengeance when they move to their new place. They've been on hiatus for a while because the house was on the market and most people don't want to buy an ashtray. Personally, I don't want parents who are ashtrays.

I keep feeling I missed something important last night in Lost. Maybe I'll think of it later. For now - here's hoping you have a day free of hairy legs, cigarette smoke, and ghosts.

And also: Click here. (Golgotha is the English-language name given to the place where Jesus was crucified. Cheery.)



Blogger Bethany said...

First, that Golgotha theme park is kinda scary...and did you read the notes at the bottom about how it is closed and deteriorating, but not well locked up? Sounds like a very scary Halloween opportunity to me...

Second, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get the little "Madly Knitting" and "Someday I'll get back to these" bars on the right sidebar? Did you have to write the code for them, or can I steal them from somewhere?

And third, don't forget that those people at the pedicure place have seen much worse. I was feeling bad once about how my feet looked when I went in, but while I was sitting there, this huge guy who looked like he worked construction (but didn't own a shower) walked in, and he was getting a manicure and pedicure...I'm sure they didn't mind my slightly callused feet or your unshaven legs compared to that!

1:40 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I have a smoking ghost at my house too. You have been tagged...

7:35 PM  

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