Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Space-Time Continuum

Well, I thought for sure I posted my post this morning about the needles, but earlier it was showing up as Tuesday. Weird. I have to leave early tomorrow morning, so I hope y'all will count this post as Thursday. :)

I have started another sock. All y'all out there who are in a slump, please take some of my mojo because I have castonitis coupled with buyyarnitis and that is a particularly deadly combination. Additionally I have been knitting and crocheting so much that my right hand is in rebellion. (Note: Do not knit or crochet with your elbows resting on any surface. This causes pain!) Once it's gotten going I may ask y'all to help me decide - for now I am still knitting the cuff. These are Sockapalooza socks. I started a Pomatomus (third time's the charm!) but I also really like Roza's Socks from the Spring 07 IK. I decided to start it as well, same yarn, and then frog whichever one I don't like. I know I am taking the long way around but I don't want to do this halfway. Pssst - my sock pal is a very good knitter, so I don't want to fail her. :)

Sorry about Melinda to all her fans but I think this will actually be ok in the long run. Any one of the final three could have won it, but Jordin and Blake are more classically pop stars, and they will function better in the Idol star-making machine. Melinda will not go away...she'll cut a great album with a lot of creative freedom and do very well. If R&B fails her, then she can do Christian music. I don't think anyone will forget about her soon. Did y'all notice the church she was in at home? (Here.) It's called Born Again, it's a great church and I've been a couple times. She's got a lot of support. It's a good church.

My prediction: Jordin will win it.

Lost: weak episode. Not necessarily a farewell to Charlie. Who knew the Looking Glass was so big? And why call an underwater station a mirror? Because it's deflecting signals to the outside world, that's why. Think about it. :)

As for the case for my Options needles, I think it will end up being a hit with more than just me and I think some of y'all will love it. Stay tuned for more details. ;) It will most likely be after Memorial Day before I can talk about it.


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