Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still nothing

Holding pattern today. Much to be excited about at work, but no knitting, for a third record-breaking day. (I'm about to fix that and give a dishcloth some knitty love.) Lost season premiere - mostly just confusing...but it feels like some of the air has gone out of the show. It's gotten awfully clever, anyway.

My Billy bag isn't here yet and won't be for a while, likely. Neither is the yarn I ordered, and I did a swap with a girl over a month ago and the items she was supposed to send me haven't arrived. She said she posted it but it came back and she resent. That was a week ago. I'm depressed about that.

But, you know, tonight I actually folded up all the pants and sweaters that were laying on various pieces of furniture in my bedroom. There were at least 10 pairs of pants and 10 sweaters. I desperately need to take a spin through the Martha Stewart Living section at Kmart and find some closet organizers.

(Do y'all's moms say THE Kmart? Mine does!)

Do y'all know about iOffer? Like eBay, but nicer.

I need to go knit, before I spontaneously combust. I've been swinging my arms like crazy when I walk at night, and they are starting to firm up! I can even feel my triceps. I have never really had 'fit' arms. I am loving it!

Nothing else of note to report. This rambling post was brought to you by the letter G and the number 4.


Anonymous ~kirsten~ said...

Ooo! The letter G! The number 4!
Yay for swinging arms.
And hi! I like you.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Michelle Ossiander said...

Does this mean that you are watching G4?

2:03 PM  

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