Friday, August 18, 2006

I work all day in a pretty office

GB had me watching some Dlamond Dave videos (I can't find them but I am spelling his name wrong on purpose) over at YouTube the other day, and I would just like to say that cocaine use is a very, very bad thing. Dave works all day in a pretty office - that is, the ugliest of recording studios - he has a harsh, interruptive laugh, and he's more nervous than the proverbial cat with the rocking chairs. It was really pretty sad.

Today I have to take Fee to the vet. WIthout spreading Fee's business around on the street, she's developed a bit of an aversion to keeping herself clean. This seems to coincide with the timing of the litter box change, so possibly she may be telling me she hates the new litter (there is a box with Feline Pine in there as well, so that's not really logical, but neither is a fastidious long-haired cat suddenly reeking of urine). I did a few informal tests last night and I'm positive she can reach around, that is, that she didn't suddenly get fat or injured or something.

Anyway, I'm sorry for getting a bit too detailed but I am worried about my kitty. We'll see.

Well, I decided to change this part of the post because of some weird Google searches, but if you got my RSS feed and read what it used to say, just laugh.

So anyway. I am doing another dishcloth in sunny orange and yellow and white, and didn't work on my socks at all last night. I am thinking about starting a sweater. Soon. Just not sure which one, and since I have several sweaters worth of yarn, it shouldn't be too hard to pick.


Anonymous mel said...

Get better Fee!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Kirsten said...

Ooo! Sweater! Will Jen and Kirsten's website be resurrected? :O)

Hope Fee is better soon...she's on road to recovery now.

2:43 PM  

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