Saturday, August 12, 2006

I had no idea my hair was this red

But I like it. Here's a self-portrait. Though I don't usually post pictures of meself, today I was experimenting with a photo essay - different stages of makeup - and this was the Smiling, Final, Now Don't I Feel Better shot. The other stuff was a bit too scary. Maybe another time.

Went to Pirates 2 again, this time in digital theater. Digital ROCKS. Movie was better second time.

Here's the sky this afternoon - puffy cumulus clouds and high humidity:

And here's Fee, running from me and the camera yet again!
Fee escapes

I bought the Fall VK today because I am absolutely smitten with these socks (yes, you know which ones, don't you? with the arch shaping? who says arches are just for eyebrows???) and because there's a Cat Bordhi sock pattern, the Meg Swansons, a pair of Nancy Bush socks....aiyee! I'm in heaven! Best $5.99 I ever spent! I am usually not tempted by VK, but this issue is really nice.

Also today I went to JoAnn in search of snaps and buttons for The Bag. While I was there I couldn't resist a run through the knitting section - while there is precious little in the way of yarn that tempts me, I did enjoy looking at the knitting tools. I found this little doohicky and I really wish I would have bought one back when I was knitting The Bag.

Sadly, the snap sewing in was a bit of a disaster - I need to buy some red or pink thread, and stronger than what I had. It took me two hours to sew on 2 1/2 snaps, and I'm going to have to rip them all out! But I don't want to give my friend a badly finished gift. So I will redo it.

Y'all have a nice Sunday. Is everyone gone to the beach? Too hot for that here!


Blogger Zonda said...

Well your self portraits look better than mine!! (always seem to make myself have like 10 chins LOL!) Good luck with your button sewing! Wished I could help you!

My Sunday...sewing and knitting and keeping cool! (or is it being cool ;)

11:07 PM  
Blogger Scoutj said...

You are hot!

And the thing I loved the most in the new Vogue is that cashmere sweater with the ties? YOu know the one?

11:16 PM  
Blogger Betty said...

I bought the new VK too! I love the socks in the issue and I wanted to read the Tracey Ullman article.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

That is a great photo of you! You also have a wonderful smile. The profile photo of you on the sidebar doesn't do you justice.

Socks with arches? No thanks. I have enough trouble trying to just get the heel flap done correctly (toe up, mind you).

11:15 AM  
Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

Sooooo pretty you are! Thanks for your help with the BE. I'm off to order light, not fair for there is red in my hair too.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Gorgeous self-portrait!

Embroidery floss is my medium of choice for sewing anything onto a bag...

6:33 PM  

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