Friday, August 11, 2006

Rainy day

I love rain. Rain means it can't be 97 degrees when I leave work. Rain means we might get cooler weather for a couple days. Rain! Yeah!

I've been working on my first Fetching fingerless glove. I love the whole thing, but I have issues. First, although it fits me, I think I have gauge issues. Maybe my ribbing gauge is just too loose. I think after examining the pictures on the pattern page it's probably better to do it tighter and add another pattern repeat to fit my hands. I'm also having a transition issue between the body of the glove (in ribbing) and the thumb (stockinette). I can either rip the thumb back and do it in the rib pattern (but it's 17 stitches and the pattern is a multiple of 5) or knit with a bigger needle. I don't really like the bindoff I used anyway - it's the one where you keep purling two stitches together. It's nice and loose but a little thick.

Which brings me to the fingertip area. The line instructions seem to be a little short, or I have very weird hands. Between the last cable after the bottom edge and the thumb, the pattern calls for 18 rounds. I wanted mine a little longer, so I did 34. (34!) I think that length is fine, but I don't think I added enough rows after the thumb, because I wasn't really seeing how the thumb was going to work until I was done with another cable row. You knit 7 of the live stitches onto waste yarn and then go back later and add it in like an afterthought heel. (For some reason I thought those 7 stitches were just going to form one edge of it.)

The picot bindoff isn't my favorite, but it could be a) the gauge really is too loose or b) the finger section is too short.

Either way I'm going to rip it back and fix some of these issues - maybe knit it on 5's, with a 6 for the thumb, and maybe do 28 rows of rib pattern between cable and thumb, and maybe add another 4-8 rows after the thumb and maintain the cable pattern.

One mistake I have made in the past with other (failed) armwarmer projects is making the thumb portion too long. I always feel like I want it right at the knuckle, but then when it's done it seems to look funny or get in the way or something. My thumb is also an odd shape - the bottom knuckle, the one in my hand, is very angular. I don't think it looks odd, but it does mean I am probably going to have to adjust for it.

Anyway here's a halfhearted picture.

Not very fetching

I had a bad dream last night - maybe it was the rain. You know how you walk around a little upset or p'o-ed and then allasudden you realize it was JUST A DREAM so get over it? It's like that.


Blogger Betty said...

Bad dreams always leave me feeling a bit discombobulated. I know it's a just a dream, but the awful feeling is still difficult to shake off.

I think your Fetching looks good!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Martina said...

My husband steers clear until I realize my bad dream was just a dream!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I think I'm glad I don't remember my dreams very often...

I think you should take the Fetching basics and depart into your own pattern. :)

7:18 PM  
Blogger Denelle said...

I made "Fetching" with Noro. I wanted it longer on the arm, too, so I extended the cables (two repeats, I think)down from the wrist which kept it snug on the arm and wrist. I didn't like the picot either. The wool's a little scratchy, though. I like the soft black of your pair. I also did mine on #5 dpns.
D in Tennessee

12:18 PM  

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