Monday, June 19, 2006

Champagne, brownies and yarrrrn

I went makeup shopping this weekend for the first time in a very long time, only because my lipstick was completely gone and I needed more. I am absolutely monogamous to lipsticks anymore. I used to have five or six that I wore all the time, then I whittled it down to two, and finally for the last year I have only been interested in one at a time.

Normally my hair color in winter is a dark reddish mahogany. In the summer it's a few shades lighter. What this means is that in the winter I'm high-contrast: pale skin, dark hair. My hazel eyes usually look brown. That looks best, to my eye, with a red lip. I'm not talking scarlet (for me), I'm talking brick. But in the summer, when I get my hair colored much lighter and my face is covered in freckles, the brick doesn't work. It's too severe. I become low-contrast, with a very narrow range of tones for hair, skin and eyes. (My eyes get a sort of light brown or weird goldy color or look green in the summer.)

So after trying about a hundred lipsticks on Saturday night, I had her put some blush on me and the new color just leaped out at me - Brownie. (Go to Bobbi Brown to see it. Though it looks peachy-brown in the tube, on me it's a lovely rich brownish pink. Then I needed eyes to match, so I got a new liner (shimmer ink Bronze Shimmer) and some eyeshadow (Champagne). Now that's the most fun I've had with champagne and brownies in a long time - no threat to my hips!

I bought a skein of Koigu this weekend in blues and browns, and started knitting Knit and Tonic Wendy's Dream Swatch (available at The Garter Belt). What an interesting and neat pattern! I am addicted. I think that if I don't like it in my hair it will make an awesome belt.

Yesterday I saw Nacho Libre - I laughed myself silly. I cried, that's how much I laughed. I thought it was funnier and kinder and more affectionate than Napoleon Dynamite, but just as beautifully shot and nearly as quirky. Definitely a must-see.

Finished the heel of Embossed Leaves sock #2 and am two pattern repeats from knitting the toe. After that I start my lovely Sundara sock yarn socks, but I still don't know which pattern. Maybe some Diagonal Rib socks - I had fun making those for Mom a while ago.

Happy Monday!


Blogger sgeddes said...

The title of the post alone is enough to create blissful thoughts! I've always thought it odd how one color of makeup will look different on someone than it looks in the tube.

I want to see your koigu project. I have a couple skeins I don't know what to do with - I'll check out the pattern

3:47 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of your Dream Swatch - I'm always intrigued by one-skein Koigu projects!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous mrspao said...

I love buying makeup but I don't wear it that often. I'm looking forward to seeing the koigu.

3:00 AM  

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