Thursday, January 19, 2006

I have Sockitis

I desperately want to finish sock #2, to the exclusion of my work. (Bad idea.) I desperately want to start knitting my dad's socks (another bad idea) before I am finished with these. I also want to knit some booties and a hat for my friend's baby - the shower is Tuesday. If I just concentrate on the Prize socks and the baby stuff I'll be done no problem. Today I'll buy some yarn for the booties and hat. I hope the yarn store on the way home has Rowan wool cotton...I think it does...but I am also thinking Dale Stork or Baby Ull. Nice soft yarn for wee ones. I need something DK weight, machine washable, and suitable for babies (with NO angora content, I'll wheeze). Sheila??

As for the prize sock, I have set a deadline of Sunday afternoon, and they should be no problem to finish. Problem is, the cold is messing with my mind. I finished the fourth repeat before heel during American Idol (I like short socks) and then stared incomprehensibly at the instructions for moving the stitches around to set up the heel. For about 20 minutes. I've already done this once, yet I couldn't work it out, so during Invasion I worked on Clapotis. (I don't knit during LOST.)

To further bulk up my suspicion that the cold is taking away my powers of reason, I have two Sudoku puzzles I've been working on for over a week. All I can think of is there MUST be a mistake in there somewhere and I should just erase everything, because these puzzles are really just process of elimination. Or else I really am that sick - except I've been doing them at work as well on my breaks and I'm not having any trouble with those.

I hate colds!


Blogger Chris said...

Bummer. Hope the cold relinquishes its power over your brain soon, so you can get all of that knitting done! :)

1:23 PM  

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