Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The more I look at the Prize sock the more I like it. I guess I was thinking it was too soft, but the yarn seems sturdy and nice. It's not shiny and it doesn't have that hard, tight-spun look that comes from the nylon binder, but it's soft and pretty and has a lot of stretch to it. I have decided I'm happy with this Sock. I did the ribbing and one repeat of the shell pattern last night after supper, until I got tired of working on this pattern and changed up. So I started on Jaywalker. Didn't realize I'd already done half a round of pattern stitch, so I accidentally duplicated that round on one side and then accidentally dropped the dd from the row before and couldn't fix. So I went tinking, and didn't have a productive night with that sock. I think I will tink back to the end of the ribbing and start it properly.

In other news, I worked a lot on unfinished products on Sunday. I went to the LYS informal Sunday gathering and hung out and worked a bit on Liesel, a lot on my Opera scarf (I'd say conservatively about 75 yards left to knit, but it's lace and goes on forEVER), and I ripped back part of a sock I'd done in Vera (LL's) that got a big hole in it when I washed it.

Some things bother me - one, I have a different gauge apparently (on same needles) than I did when I made it this summer - it was my first sock, and first magic loop project. So I have a tight little line of stitches where I threaded my needle through and then ripped back to there. (Could also be that the sock had been washed.) Second, I don't like the Greek bindoff for the toe - but since I didn't weave in the end of sock 2, I should be able to easily rip that back and kitchener it and then make this one to match. Third, it's been a while since I knitted a short row toe - so of course I messed it up. I'll have to rip back to the stage where you have all the yarnovers sitting there prettily, and I don't know that that works. I think because the yarnovers are pretty impossible to save, I'll have to rip back to the base of the toe. Which is an easier place to rip back to, but -

it makes me wonder if just maybe this yarn does not WANT to become a sock.

I'm thinkin' about it.


Blogger Chris said...

Yarn is so completely unsubtle about it wants to be sometimes!!

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