Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Turtle boxes, turtle wax and parking hearts

I got a present from Guitar Boy, and I have to take pictures of it. The only way to describe it is to say it's a turtle box. So stay tuned for that!

Tonight I finished most of the knitting on the Guitar Boy socks. I say most because I actually had them done with ends woven in (very securely, might I add) before I realized that since I have never actually knit a "traditional" toe before (as opposed to a short-row toe) I didn't realize that once you stop decreasing, you have to STOP. Because otherwise your toe looks like some kind of boxy hammerhead shark wannabe, and we don't want that. So I ripped. And I mean, I just unravelled as patiently as I could and then got tangled up and RIPPED. (Too bad, Sock, I am the Boss and you will not get the better of me.) (Why do I always have so much trouble with sock bindoffs?) (Why am I typing everything in brackets?)

So I didn't finish the sock. He really wants them, and I really feel bad but I was just lost, dropping stitches and trying to unravel and re-ravel and it was a big ravelly mess. Pffft. I will return to them tomorrow night. We will have Guitar Boy Sock Redux.

Today was massage day. I really think massage is the best stress-management in the world. I am not talking candles and spa treatment, I'm talking sports massage. Neuromuscular. Lymphatic. It will change your world. I have been going once a month for 3 1/2 years. I would give up yarn before I gave up massage.

To quote Grumperina - I am so out of the club now! Honestly, I won't give up either. :)

I did a mean trick tonight. Not because I was feeling particularly mean-spirited, but because...well...I have a narrow car. I mean, it's really really narrow. It doesn't have much else going for it - it's black and has a terribly oxidized paint job but it is a good car, a very good car actually. Yes, I should have bought the purple mist instead of black, but darnit, I wanted the CD player (you know, the one I haven't used in years). Anyway, the paint. Turtle Wax won't fix it. According to Space Dad I need something called rubbing compound done to it. I don't even wash my own car, so I'll have it done - eventually. But the point is, it's narrow. And this is of great benefit to me because I can fit in nearly any parking space known to man, including spaces that I am positively certain I will never fit into.

Tonight and every other night this week I've noticed this jackass Honda pickup truck parked in the lot for my building, and he (I assume women do not drive jackass Honda pickup trucks, but this IS the South) - he is always parked over the line. The spaces in this place are narrow anyway, but he's positively obnoxious about it. Plenty of space on the passenger side, and over the line on the driver's side. Every stinking day. So just for fun, and not because I am mean-spirited but because my car is narrow and I love that I can do this - I parked next to him tonight. On the driver side. I left plenty of room on my driver's side so the guy next to me doesn't get upset, but on my passenger side? Unless Olive Oyl is driving, homie will have to get in on HIS passenger side (and really, if I was mean I'd have waited till he was boxed in on that side too and THEN parked next to him). And maybe when he stands there cussing me tomorrow morning in the 17 degree weather, when he has to back his new black truck out and pray he doesn't scratch it along the side of my homely (but faithful) scratch-and-dent Nissan, it will occur to him that he parks like a jackass. Just maybe.

And maybe his parking heart will grow three sizes tomorrow. One can hope. I was kind of actually hoping there'd be ice on his window so I could etch "NICE PARKING" or something equally eloquent into the frost. But no luck.

I hope you don't think less of me.

Debbie is now doing so well she no longer needs supplemental oxygen during the day - only at night. YEAH!!!


Blogger Misty said...

OK, several comments:

First, hooray for Debbie. I'm so glad to hear that she is doing well.

Second, I hope that your car does not get keyed. Or rammed. Or key-rammed. Parking on campus here is pretty flippin' crazy, but I know that if I did that to somebody my car would get a few new scratches and dents. Hopefully you are safer since it would be pretty obvious who did something like that to your car.

Third, MASSAGE! Ah, I want so desperately to go get one soon. Our Healthy Campus Initiative is having a relaxation night tomorrow night and giving free massages from a professional masseuse, and I can't go because I have to work. GRRRR! Ah, well, maybe sometime after finals week I will be able to afford one.

OK, I'll stop now before my comment gets longer than your actual blog entry.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

No, honestly if you saw this paint, even apart from the oxidation, it's not going to hurt it. It's so bad.

The complex I live in is pretty upscale, no college kid could afford it. This is some guy with a midlife crisis, not a college kid. And anyway, he parked over the line, I didn't. Hard to believe he'd be that additionally stupid.

Find a student who needs to log hours, Misty! :)

11:13 PM  
Blogger Jo said...


You don't know how many times I have wanted to do this...

I'm lucky, though - I get off work considerably earlier than most people, so I get the pick of the litter where parking spots are concerned when I get home - that being said, there are a few clueless people who park in the walking lane, or directly on top of the line so they are taking 2 parking spots. I always wonder if people who do that expect to have their cars keyed.

Anywho - three cheers for the massage - I love them, too.


8:19 AM  
Anonymous Eddy said...

Massage rocks! I did something similar last year. It was simply put. FANTASTIC

6:30 AM  

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