Friday, December 02, 2005

New Task!

Last night I learned to cable without a cable needle thanks to Wendy! Whoo hoo Wendy!

I am flying through this Irish Hiking scarf now...I did five pattern repeats in an hour last night! I am finished with my first skein of yarn (Paton's Classic Wool in colour Dark Grey Mix). It's 32" long so far and just beautiful. This is for my daddy and I want to knit some love and prayers into every stitch. I am going to knit both skeins up even though the pattern calls for a 55" scarf. I don't think 64" will hurt my tall father at all.

This morning I had what can best be classified as "make you a better person whether you like it or not" moment. I was late. It was cold. I had to scrape off my windows. I noticed a car running on my way out to my car - obviously defrosting. When I was scraping, I could hear the windshield wipers on the car running. "Why don't they just scrape off the windows? That's not safe!" I wondered, quite huffily (I am not not not a morning person). Then the driver door opened and I decided whoever it was was going to ask me to borrow my scraper, but I'm late, it's cold, so I (am ashamed to say) hurried up and got the scraping done and threw the scraper in the car. Phew. Except nobody got out of the car. I put the car in reverse and looked in my mirror - the car was in a handicapped space. Which is stupid of me - how did I miss this? I walked right by the car. I know this lady - she's elderly and very nice and seems to get around well. So I backed up and scraped off her windows. She waved and smiled and was nice. It took all of two minutes.

I'm really just embarrassed that I didn't see this to start with and had to go through griping about her and trying to get away quick.

Tomorrow and in future days, if I see her car sitting there in the morning when I am leaving, I will scrape her windows along with mine. I mean sheesh, she would probably have waited a half-hour for them to thaw out.

Well, today is Friday! I'm going to finish Guitar Boy Socks, Irish Hiking Scarf and my SP giftie this weekend. No knitting Clapotis until I get some FOs under my belt. I have started way too much lately and it's payback time!


Blogger just_me_2 said...

I love that story and the lesson therein.

Thanks for sharing that.

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