Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Really, it must be winter.

Time to dig out actual socks, which means it must be winter. (Fifteen days early.) I rarely wear anything more than footies unless I absolutely have to. This is evidenced by the near-removal of my poor right pinky toe-nail when I was putting on the aforementioned socks this morning. It hurts when I walk. So I went to the WC and took off my sock. My toenail appears intact, but it is angry with me.

So it was freezing, but at least my feet were warm. After a whole lot of vigorous scraping I finally got going and made it about 1500 yards on the freeway (!notice how I measure distances as if they are yarn!) when traffic came to a dead standstill, and all I could think when I saw the ambulance was, "somebody is having a worse day than I am." So you know what I did while I was in this godforsaken 2 mph stop-and-go traffic, don't you? I worked on my Jaywalker sock. Mostly it was knit a few stitches, move ahead a few feet, knit a few more stitches, etc. I got about three rounds knitted before I pulled on the wrong needle (oh, you evil Magic Loop) and ripped it clean out of my knitting! (Which, honestly, if you pull out only a few stitches, it's grounds for cussing, but if you rip out the WHOLE needle it's a moment where all you can do is laugh.) YES, I did put my knitting on the seat when traffic picked up again, and I drove to work, where people were circling like sharks waiting for parking in the parking structure, and after about ten minutes and a tasty pigfest holiday snack, I felt better.

Lots better, in fact. Although I have to say...you know that verse that says "do not become weary of doing good"? Well, I'm pretty weary lately. I think I'm pilling, actually.


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