Thursday, December 01, 2005


I went to a great SnB. Tonight I am going to work on my Irish Hiking Scarf again, inspired by Nikki's beautiful blue version (at SnB) and the fact that I think I have finally internalized how to cable without a cable needle. I REALLY messed it up before. I thought I was supposed to take all the stitches off the needle - whoopsie.

Just call it fun with dyslexia. Ha. At least I know now why I flunked math four times - although I am only mildly dyslexic, it is mainly numbers that trip me up. For the last math class I took I had a teacher who showed me tricks - "If it looks like this, do that" and I passed (finally), and I can do logic problems all day long but I have never successfully done a story problem, and I mean NEVER. In school I was called careless for my constant transposing of numbers, leaving out of zeroes and decimals and just generally screwing things up. I still count on my fingers and can barely make it through a long division problem.

Accounting? Forget it - that was just carnage (never mind that I had to be at the boathouse 15 minutes before that class got out, and it was at least a two - mile walk to the river).

For everything else it helps if I read out loud. But when you are constantly doing stuff like reading PRIVATE instead of PIRATE it can make for really hilarious reading. I can't get away from reading knitting patterns, though, so I just try to laugh about it when I get to the end of a pattern and realize I was supposed to slip the first stitch knitwise but I did it purlwise, or I back-crossed my cables when they were supposed to cross in front, or I kept decreasing long after I was supposed to stop.

Kind of sad, really - but also funny. This is why, if you've seen me knit, I don't sit there even with really complicated patterns in front of me. I memorize them and knit accordingly. Except for Clapotis. I only look at rows 6 and 8. And only when I have to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot for the life of me recall my blogger pasword so forgive the anon comment please. I was commenting about your Irish Cable scarf this evening, you must of read my mind. I absolutely love it (even if it isn't perfect) and was wondering when you'd get around to working on it again. I'm working on the design portion of a quilt (mostly in my head, it works better in there) that's a Celtic Irish design and even though it's knitting, I am always indpired by seeing your finished works. Keep it up MG, they are fabulous!

Christina (from PP)

1:52 AM  

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