Thursday, December 01, 2005

No wonder they laugh at us

I am not a fan of Tim LaHaye or his "theology," but this gave me pause:

Quote from Gary Frazier, apparently one of Tim LaHaye's right-hand-men, in Vanity Fair (the one with Kate Moss on the cover):

"How many of you have read the Left Behind prophecy novels?"

PROPHECY NOVELS? You freak, do you understand what you are saying? It's not prophecy if it's fiction. It's not a novel if it's prophetic. I mean seriously, do you ever step back and listen to yourselves? Is this Christianese just out of hand?

Am I overreacting? Sigh. Let me say - I'm a Reformed christian. I believe things that would send most mainstream christians to the hospital as stroke victims - predestination, the sovereignty of God, and the fact that the Bible has more to do with Israel than with the Church, especially later, that Christians "misabuse" the tithe, the concept of Sabbath, and probably shouldn't do puppet ministry as part of their services...I could go on and on. The trouble is, people don't actually know what the Bible says. (And don't go thinking that I think I'm an expert, I'm not.) They think Christianity is about morals. I didn't realize Francis Schaeffer started the whole Moral Majority thing. I realize my opinion is in the minority.

I wish they'd read some Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Anyway, ranting and I need to go put on makeup.


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