Monday, November 28, 2005

Secret-Pal shopping wrapup

Well, I think I am finished with Pal shopping. I tried to strike a good balance between knitting and non-knitting and involve yummy smells and tastes as well as fun stuff to do. But for this last one I sorta felt that I bought her too many little trinkets, so I went out again tonight. My holiday SP is hopefully going to love what I got comes the hard part, waiting for them to get their packages!

I decided that since I already told Pam I'd make her the big bad baby blanket, then I ought to order my yarn from Knit Picks and get to work. She really seemed to love it so away I go!

Can't remember how many skeins I used, though...I think four of each. I think I ordered eight of each and that was too much. Or maybe it was six that I actually used. I have two skeins of gold left over and a smidge of pink from making the baby jacket. Yeah, it must be six.

Off I go...


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