Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Officer Connie, Space Dad & Codenames

Officer Connie and Space Dad are my parents' codenames.

See, the Codename thing started with the movie Raising Arizona ("Nobody sleeps naked in this house!'). There's a band I work for called The Codenames. They sing about zombies, witches, haints and grade-school angst. Anyone who's a fan gets to pick a code name.

Mine is Mean Girl, for reasons already explained - she's a cartoon I draw based on an old Stick Figure Theater presentation of the Hindenburg disaster. (Yes, that explanation defies logic in many forms.)

Dad - actually named Chuck - loves "Green River Monster" he picked a code name. He knows a lot about Space - obviously. Not organisational or logistical Space, but Outer Space. He's brilliant, actually.

Mom, on the other hand - actually named Connie - loves "Jenny's Got a Go-Kart." Her code name is funnier - she has these ancient, gigantic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses; they are expensive, and they keep out LOTS of the Florida sun because they are so huge. They practically need wipers. She looks just like a State Trooper with them on, somebody you REALLY don't want to mess with, so we call her Officer Connie.

Come to think of it, I should get her a badge for Christmas.

Thus ends the explanation of MY parents. You can click the Codenames link on the right to go to their webpage...and if you click Listen you can hear some Codenames in action.

Kirs10 and I used to have code names for our future husbands. It had to be a name that was in no way associated with our friends or our friends' friends, so you'd never be overheard in conversation talking about him and have them think you were referring to an actual person. Mine was Hector Feliziano. (Ok, too much Nutella and Sonic went into that one.)

Obligatory knitting content: I bought four skeins each of light yellow and light denim Encore Worsted and started knitting Pam's blanket today. She brought back pictures of her daughter, and she is so adorable! I think 4 skeins will make the blanket. Then I can either make another one for another friend or exchange it for enough yarn to make Kristi's. For Pam's I am using a #13 needle and CO 76 stitches. The seed stitch borders are 8 stitches or 3" wide. It's working well.

Today was a good day.


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