Monday, November 28, 2005

The Angry Knitter revelation

Click the link over on the right for The Angry Knitter. Angela is making the BBBB in a double strand of worsted and she's half done after one day!

Ok, I'm getting Encore Worsted and doubling it, and using a 13 or something, and I'm gonna kick this bad boy out.

Now to find similar colors...


After looking at the Encore color cards, I have the solution to Kristi's blanket as well. You know the Ombre blanket in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, the one that takes about 16 skeins of yarn? I'm going to adapt it for my own purposes. It's a simple garter stitch pattern. I will get 4 colors, 220 yards each, wind it into thirds or knit with each end of the ball - knit with 2 strands of each color. For stripe 1, you knit AA (the lightest colour). Stripe 2 is AB. Stripe 3 is BB. 4 is BC, 5 is CC, 6 is CD, 7 is DD. 4 inches of each. 24" x 28" blanket, 672 square inches. You use tonal colours. What happens with the doubling is that the yarn has a gradient from dark to light.

So I found about 8 groupings of colours on the Encore card, and when I find out Kristi's colour scheme I'll knit it up.


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