Monday, November 28, 2005

More things I forgot to mention

Because I am really tired today.

I got a SECRET PAL PACKAGE again! (she is spoiling me with attention, honestly!) This time she sent me a HUGE chocolate bar and a very cute little book about gratitude (I read 40 pages already). Also, a gift card for KnitPixie! Whoo hoo! I've got my eye on a few things there so we'll see what I decide on. I am notorious for waiting till the last minute to cash them in, but I don't want to wait!

I feel sick today - after such a long weekend that's a bummer, but I am really and truly congested and tired.

The Bamboo is going to become an Anouk for Hailey (niece 2). I think. Without the flowers on the pockets, or maybe with. It's so little-girl CUTE.

A long while ago somebody posted at Knitty that they had some Patons Grace and were wondering if they had enough to make a certain project with it. Last summer I bought a couple balls of that yarn with a project in mind for my friend's birthday. Turns out I hate to knit with it. I don't know why - I love mercerized cotton. But this is the second time I've bought sport-weight cotton that I've hated it (the other time was some Isis/Scheepies that split and hated me). I love KnitPicks Shine and that's sport-weight cotton, so maybe it's the mercerization. Anyway, I offered to send her the yarn, and she was going to pick something out of her stash to send me. Then I forgot about it.

Last week the yarn showed up finally - two balls of Dreambaby DK in a light aqua. That's the yarn you see below for the Daisy sweater. It knits beautifully. I usually have a hard time with acrylic, but not this acrylic (further confirming my suspicion that I am actually allergic to Red Heart sizing). Anyway, it's just lovely yarn and so nice to knit. I have to try to remember that girl's name so I can thank her properly.

Joke (no offense intended): Why is it so hard to catch a redneck murderer? Because all their DNA is the same and there are no dental records. (OUCH! Courtesy of my mom Connie. I think it's the only joke I've ever heard her tell.)

So yeah. Um...relaxed and groovy (fans of Eddie Izzard will get that). I have some training tomorrow ("What kind of training, soldier?" "AHHHHHRMY TRAINING, SIR!") which is welcome because we just upgraded all our programs. So for two days I get to forget about deadlines and soak in knowledge. I always learn so much at these things. They are fantabulous.

(The quote is from Stripes.)

Anything else? I've got about 8 inches of Baby Scarf done and am currently stewing on ideas for knitting some baby blankets for two of my is pregnant and the other is adopting a baby girl from Guatemala and it looks like they will both be here in January. So I was thinking of just garter-stitch blankets with 5" blocks grafted together. I know that seems so cliche but I see women with these all the time and they are really pretty if they are done well. Which makes me wish I'd bought more Debbie Bliss Merino Aran at Threaded Bliss this weekend (and darnit, I missed the best markdowns while I was in Memphis!). But I'm going to have a look-see if I can find it on eBay or somewhere, buy maybe 4 colours and see what kind of patterns I can come up with. I think I could do 4 wide and 5 high for around an 20 x 25" blanket.

Blankets are such a hassle to knit, but so comfy and soft. I wish there was a fast way, so maybe knitting the squares will speed me up. I would need 20 blocks per blanket, I have roughly 8 weeks, so I would need to knit 5 blocks a week to do this. Ugh, that sounds like work.

Maybe I need bulkier yarn! Or something. Still thinking.


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