Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Raining

Nephew and I are in Michigan until the end of the week and I really thought I would see snow. Silly me - no snow here, just rain. Dreary day. Nephew #2 has been using Nephew as his own personal pony.

Actual conversation from telephone yesterday:
Mom: I had a nice Christmas. I really like the moisturizer you got me. The slippers are too small but I can exchange them. And Bill got me one of those Shih-tzu massagers.
Me: Shiatsu, Mom. Shih-tzu is the dog.
Mom: Oh, whatever, but it hurts my back.

(Wonder what this is? Massager made of small hairy dog? Massager made FOR small hairy dog? Huh.)

Dad likes his new scarf. I made it extra long, and as soon as he opened it he said he had just been wishing he had a really long scarf. He really seems to like it.

For gifts here I got a JoAnn gift card (next 50% off sale online I'm getting a ball winder), three - THREE - skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Safari, a Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, and a cool knitting book with some really nice Kim Hargreaves patterns in it. Very tasty!

That's all for now. Got to go set up a blog for Space Dad.


Blogger Chris said...

I so love the image of the shih-tzu massager...

8:20 PM  

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