Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kong Kong Kong

1. Seamed up half of Daisy
2. Saw King Kong - fabulissimo, go see it RIGHT NOW
3. Ate lasagna
4. Knitted about 10 repeats of Irish Hiking Scarf, ow, right hand
5. Watched Animal Planet program "In the Lion's Den" - v scary
6. Dishes, dishes
7. Cuddled with Schmade

I bought a new wool coat - just a classic tan 3/4 length coat I got a great deal on. It's lovely and extra warm. I am behind on my Christmas shopping and knitting. That scarf needs to block Tuesday night at the latest, and I want exactly 27 repeats with this skein...I'm five short. Wheeze, wheeze. Daisy needs seaming which I can technically finish in a couple of hours - just the left sleeve - but I have to go buy buttons for it and a satin ribbon because I'm going to do kind of an empire waist ribbon detail thingy - the colour isn't quite girly enough.

GB wears his socks constantly! I'm going to knit him another pair, this time a different pattern. Always good to have a backup.

Oh, and I finished Bear's body/head and knitted one arm. I also need more stuffing. Why isn't there an all-night JoAnn around here?? Eek, that would be serious enabling...I categorically and empirically hate Wal-Mart but I might possibly go there for stuffing, buttons and a gift card for niecie. We'll see!


Blogger ~kirsten~ said...

What knid of stuffing did you get? I'm getting ready to start knitting every bear/dog.sheep/penguin/whatever I can--just for fun and stuff...anyway, I hate Wal-mart too. And with that I need to go to Michaels...and do some Stuffing Investigation. And felt. I need felt (not as in "felted knitting"). Anyway. Photos--please show photos of little stuffies. I like. :o) Ok. Long enough comment...

4:10 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

I just get the plain poly fill stuffing - it's about $2 a bag, I think.

4:47 PM  

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