Friday, November 25, 2005


I went to Threaded Bliss today and had a great time shopping. I got some SP yarn, some yarn for a scarf for niecie, and what I THOUGHT I needed to make this cute little top for Audrey - some SWTC Bamboo yarn. But I came home and read the pattern and saw it calls for Phoenix! which knits at a different gauge. So I will make another sport-weight sweater from's too cute not to be used for a baby. Maybe Pam's baby would look good in it and I'm still trying to think of something to make for her. (Pam is in Guatemala visiting her daughter for for the very first time!) Kristi is having a boy so I can't use it for him.

So I wandered around the yarn shop for about an hour trying to decide what to buy and feeling really spacey. Now I know the reason - migraine started about an hour ago. BLECH.

I always feel spacey and wrong when I'm gonna get a migraine later. I have been working on Clapotis and just messed it up and had to tink back - I shouldn't be knitting complicated stuff with a migraine coming on.

I am feeling a little sick to my stomach. Ugh.


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