Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yoshimi Battles the Black Socks

And wins! These are the Guitar Boy socks, which I made by throwing together little pieces of all kinds of sock patterns. They are Wool-Ease. They are black. They are house-socks. Footies. They fit him, although they make my ankle look unnaturally large.

Thank God!

Nother view

Guitar Boy sock

Here is the pattern, best I know it, fits woman's size 9-10, man's size 7-8. It uses a ribbed slip-stitch pattern for the top I got from a pattern called "Ribber Socks", a traditional heel and toe. There are some wonky increase built in to get the heel size right, but trust me, they work:

1 skein Wool-Ease worsted, color black
#4 circular needle with 40" cord, two #4 circs OR #4 dpns

CO 52 stitches. Divide as follows: needle 1, 13 stitches; needle 2, 26 stitches, needle 3, 13 stitches (to use magic loop or 2 circs method, place a marker at midway point on one needle, so #1 is on the left side of it, #2 is the 26 st needle, and #3 is the other half / 13).

Knit 1x1 rib for 1 1/2". On the last round, increase one stitch at the end of needle 1, at the beginning of needle 2, and at the beginning of needle 3. 14/27/14 sts - 55 total. The 14/14 are the heel stitches, and the 27 on the same needle are the instep stitches.

Set up pattern:
round 1: *k1, sl1, k1, p2; rep from *
round 2: *k3, p2, rep from *

Work in pattern for another inch and a half or so or until the leg portion is as long as you like. Last row: increase 1 st at the end of needle 2 so there are 28 sts on heel needle.

Set up heel: Work needle 1 and 2 in pattern. Begin heel with needle 3; heel is worked on needles 1 and 3. Knit heel flap: row 1: sl1, k1 across, turn work. row 2: sl 1, purl across. Repeat these two rows 14 times total (less if you need a shorter heel) ending with row 2 (WS).

Turn heel: Row 1 (RS): sl 1, k18, k2tog, k1, turn.
Row 2: sl 1, p12, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 3: sl 1, k to within 1 st of gap, k2tog, k1.
Row 4: sl 1, p to within 1 st of gap, p2tog, p1.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until all the heel stitches are consumed, ending with a RS row. (Insert # of stitches left)

Pick up 14 stitches along left side of heel flap (pick up an extra or two if you need to close any holes); knit across instep using Row 1 of pattern (k1, sl1, k1, p2, ending with k1, sl1, k1); pick up 14 stitches along right side of heel flap, knit to marker/end of needle 3. (Knit into the back of these picked up stitches to twist them and close up any holes.) This puts the beginning of the round between needles 1 and 3 at the middle of the heel.

Decrease gusset: We are going to combine the pattern stitches for the instep with gusset decreases for the heel. The bottom of the foot is worked in stockinette. There is a slipped stitch to mark the gusset decreases on each side. When you finish decreasing the gusset, the slip stitch will mark the transition from instep to sole.

Round 1: k to 3 stitches from end of needle 1, k2tog, k1. Needle 2: k3,p2 across, ending k3. Needle 3, k1, skpsso (slip one stitch knitwise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch OR use ssk), k to end of needle 3.

Round 2: k to 1 stitch from end of needle 1, sl 1. Needle 2: k1, sl 1, k1, p2 across, ending k1, sl1, k1. Needle 3: sl 1, knit to end.

Repeat these two rows until the heel has been decreased down to 28 stitches. You should have 14 stitches on needles 1 and 3 and 28 on needle 2. You should have a slipped-stitch chain going down the side of the gusset.

Work in pattern (round 1: Needle 1: knit to 1 stitch from end of needle 1, sl 1. Needle 2: k1, sl1, k1, p2, ending k1, sl1, k1. Needle 3, sl 1, knit to end. Round 2: Needle 1: knit. Needle 2, k3, p2 across, ending k3. Needle 3: knit) until work is as long as the base of your big toe.

Knit the toe:
Round 1: Knit to 3 sts from end of needle 1, k2tog, k1. Needle 2: k1, skpsso (or ssk), knit to 3 sts from end, k2tog, k1. Needle 3: k1, skpsso (or ssk), k to end.
Round 2: Knit all stitches.

Repeat these two rows until there are 28 stitches total left, then work round 1 only, decreasing every round until there are 8 stitches left.

You can use a 3-needle bind off or cut a long tail and thread it through all the stitches and pull the end closed (overstitch it if you need to).

Keep your feet warm!


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