Monday, November 21, 2005


Just talked to my mom. The news is that they prepped her for surgery at noon (11 our time). They will "harvest" the donor lungs and visually inspect them and do some tests to make sure there isn't anything wrong with them. If everything is okay, then they will perform the transplant. They basically proceed as if the transplant is going to happen, and after this point, they only cancel if the donor organs are not suitable. As far as we know, the donor is a match and the lungs are suitable (I think it is going to be both lungs instead of just one like I thought earlier).

It's a 6- to 12-hour surgery and there is a team of doctors performing it. During the surgery she will be on a heart and lung machine that will respirate and work her heart for her. After the surgery she will be on a ventilator for a while. She has two sisters flying in to be with her.

Debbie told them that almost everybody who receives organ transplants experiences a "dry run." I'm hoping and praying that this is the real thing.


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