Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I did yesterday:
1. Was thankful for everything I could think of.
2. Ate turkey (deep fried).
3. Went on a hike to a canyon on friend's land and crunched around in leaves.
4. Started "Daisy" baby sweater from Knitty in some Dreambaby DK I have from a swap.
5. Ate cookies.
6. Watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."
7. Watched a program on the Battle of Franklin.
8. Watched "Finding Nemo." (I know, that list is schizo!)
9. Ate pumpkin bread.
10. Cuddled with my cats.

Today I am working on a website all day; tomorrow I pack up bright and early and drive to Memphis to see Mom and Bill. They are looking at houses. At the moment I'm praying their house sells THIS weekend, but...God's will be done. I don't want to be pushing my own agenda when I pray.

Must go eat cookies.

Oh GOSH: A Major Award!


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