Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A teeny rant

Write your congresspeople (, and tell them that you don't actually know very much about the banking system and you believe the decisions should be left to the experts and you will support their efforts to fix the economy. Really. Seriously. Nobody knows more about the Great Depression than Ben Bernanke. If dude thinks we need to act, we probably do. I certainly don't know more than he does.

Fix now, punish later. I'll bet in 1930 there were a lot of people gloating over the Wall Street types who'd fallen. Two years later, in 1932, the banks started failing. It took a world war nine years later to get things going again.

I am willing (as a card-carrying Republican) to pay my $2300 in extra taxes if this bailout passes and it prevent a depression. If that makes me a total idiot, then so be it - go read another blog. :) (!! not really !!)

PS: from a Republican, including maths, on the odds of actually having a Depression if this thing doesn't pass: link



Anonymous hep said...

Sweet! A Republican blogger (who admits to it) at long last. Bless you. And I heartily agree with you - are any of the people complaining about this experts in economics? Nope. I'd much rather take the word of a guy who's been immersed in it for years, call me crazy.

7:45 PM  

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