Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane Party!

I had an x-ray yesterday of my shoulders and some problem at C6 is causing trouble with my hand - it will randomly fall asleep if I raise my arm over my head, and my shoulder hurrrrrrts. So that is going to be taken care of, that's good.

So, Gustav. As y'all know, my mom lives in Ocean Springs and works in Biloxi, MS. They are totally in go mode down there. As of last night, the three gas stations my stepdad tried had no gas and Wal-mart was out of bottled water. New Orleans is planning on evac'ing 30,000 people by bus. (No Superdome this time. Thank the Lord, Amen.) Mom's water - in their house - has a pump which somehow works on electricity. No electricity? No water. Not good.

So they are coming up here for the hurricane party. (To the uninitiated, a hurricane party is what you do when the house is boarded up and you've stocked up everything you can get your hands on and all that's left to do is grill out and wait. You watch the increasingly-haggard weather people on TV. And Jim Cantore in his regulation Weather Channel uniform, dodging falling stop lights. You listen for the wind. You try not to worry.)

But, y'all, BUT! They have a 125 pound Great Pyrenees (code name Crazy Dog) and I have a 900 square foot apartment and two cats. So I spent a few hours yesterday calling around to find a kennel that would take him on Sunday...only to find out last night they are planning on being here SATURDAY. (Hi Mom!) So I got the reservation for le chein and started cleaning my apartment.

I found some knitting while I was cleaning. I have taken a month off, and BOY DO I EVER MISS IT. I mean, I really, really miss it. Pinched nerve and all, I am going to try to knit a little bit tonight.

Mom says don't clean. But honestly, there is no chance of that happening.

And I need to dig out Hurricane Party Bingo again - I don't remember why I took it down - because y'all! It makes watching the news for three days straight when you've had no shower and you're bored to tears a LOT MORE FUN.

Now, what should I knit? Start new or revisit old? What do you think???


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