Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last night

I waited two hours (with friends, visits from friends, nice people and two very energetic kids in line in front of us) last night in the queue for a new iPhone at the Apple Store. I wanted a 3G phone from the beginning, but I didn't want to wait till July for it. (My old phone is going up on eBay this week.)

So, two hours in line and finally for the last hour or so we are standing right outside the entrance while AT&T has some kind of network seizure, and we already know they are out of black 16GB phones but we want white anyway, so we are doing our best to be patient even though someone's feet stink and it is hot and we are all kind of over the whole community-building experience. And the really nice, helpful girl in the Orange Shirt (the "Concierge," to be perfectly correct about it) comes out and shouts "WE ARE ALL OUT OF 16GB IPHONES." And while we are all standing there trying to decide if we should break her arm right then or just come back later, she realizes it was a miscommunication and yells an apology. Guess we got Punk'd.

Half an hour later I walked out with a fully-functioning new phone, hallelujah. I went home, synced my old phone, hooked up the new one, chose "restore from backup" and twenty minutes later all *my* information was on the new phone - every setting, every note, voicemail, and even the wallpaper. Thank you, Apple! Let me count the ways in which you are better than Sprint! I like my phone? Yes. Very much. I am bummed that InCase doesn't make the cool protective cover for it yet, but my old one fits it pretty well. The signal is great, although the old Maps feature actually pinpointed my location at home better than the GPS does (it must be all the tinfoil on my windows protecting me from the aliens).

The App store is a revelation - so many cool programs, ebooks and other fun things. Once I get a new case and a new plastic sheet for the front, I'll be a happy, happy girl.

Knitting, later. I spent all my time last night with The phone.


Anonymous mel said...

Yay for iphones! My husband's company has an app at in the app store and we spent all weekend doing tech support, it was a crazy release.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Alicia said...

I stayed away from green hills and took my chances with my local at&t store and was able to snag one too! Yay! I thought I saw the incase covers on apple's site, no?

1:45 PM  

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