Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It could be worse.

So, car is in the shop getting oil change, tires rotated and a/c checked (not cold). Turns out leak. Turns out hose. Turns out $350 for hose because it's on bottom of...something.

Cat also in shop, $400 for that. He'll have 2 pills a day until we figure out if that's what he needs for his thyroid levels to work right. I bought 3 packages of Greenies pill pocket treats and I hope he LOVES them. (Because I am going to Mom's this weekend, and it's too late to find a sitter and kind of hard to ask friends to shove a pill in your cat's throat.)

Just to wax philosophical for a couple of seconds - I am trying not to get into some kind of slump over all this. Money isn't a problem, it's more the hassle of the last week. But thinking about that last week - it all could have been so much worse. The lady I saw crack up the mailboxes could have been seriously injured and needed immediate treatment I know nothing about. The deer could have hit me full-on. Grady could be incurably, untreatably sick, and rather than hearing that I have a car in perfect condition except for one hose, I could have a lemon.

It's hard when you are going through something difficult to see that silver lining. But sometimes God's protection and guidance isn't keeping *everything* bad from happening to you - it's controlling things to a degree that is manageable. In other words, I can't reasonably expect that cats won't get old and cars won't break and deer won't run out in front of me. But I do think that sometimes God mitigates the damage for us, and there is a blessing in that. The near-miss can be harder to see and appreciate.

Y'all know one of my most favorite songs ever is "Keep on the Sunny Side" by the Carter Family - message and music. I'm tryin'!

One of the things that has made me super happy is my crazy 70s-basement throw. Because, LOOK! (The file has been heavily manipulated from an iPhone shot - mostly because the color is not true and I can't stand the bag color the yarn is in. The gold is redder and the brown is less-red, but I can't make it right.)

That blanket

I love how the notches alternate when you do a color change. :)


Blogger Chris said...

Sending healthy thoughts Grady's way!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Jen, thank you for this post. I so needed to hear the reminder (about God). You're right. Things could be worse. Perhaps God IS mitigating the damage.

Good luck with the pill pockets. Good thoughts for Grady!

6:56 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Aww, sorry for all the bad stuff at once. I try to remember that the bad stuff serves to show us how great the good stuff is.
Hope Grady loves his pill pockets.

I love the way the 70's throw is coming along.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Grady and your car will be OK. My puppy has spent a week at the vet with an abscessed lymph node. I thought about those pill pockets when giving pup antibiotic pills with cream cheese. Funny, I just finished my first major crochet prject in years.

10:28 AM  

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