Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, it appears the cortisone works - I can breathe again! I've worked out the past couple days and I've even been knitting. I think the trouble started back in March when I went to visit my sister, and just never got better till now. I feel 600% better. I have never been in that much trouble before as a grownup. As a kid I used to turn blue and pass out all the time. But anyway, water under the bridge. Yay lungs!

Here's what we are up to.

Fee is hunting birds, though the bird feed I put outside on the porch was a grave mistake:

—"I could have that bird's wings off in four seconds. Is there a cat Olympics?"

Grady is patrolling the back yard and ruling it with an iron fist (seriously, he goes for a walk every day with me, but in this pic he's just looking over the balcony):

Schmade Patrol
—"Don't mess with Texas."

There was a party for Betty on Saturday celebrating her pattern release. Yay Betty! We went yarn shopping beforehand to Knit Happy and I got this lovely lovely Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (lil cashmere, wuv!):

Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran
—"I am going to be socks."

Then we went to Threaded Bliss for the party and I got some Hemp for Knitting. I also got one of those nifty Della Q drawstring bags but the photo didn't turn out because part of the porch that is showing is cruddy.

Hemp for Knitting
—"Is that right, Panama Red?"

So you see, along with my knitting mojo, my shopping mojo appears to be back.

Today I have some Adobe seminars to go to and a lot of work to do. Still busy, still exhausted most nights after work and don't feel like doing much except riding the bike. Oh, and knitting...I am working on the toe of my second greenie sock! Yay socks!


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pretty gray kitty! I love the tweed!

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