Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A couple travel pics, plus Betty is extra cool.

Just want to show y'all some of the prettiness in the world. I went to visit my mom a couple weeks ago on the Gulf Coast. During my visit we went to Biloxi and it's way, way prettier and cooler than the first couple of streets you visit let on. One of the places we went in search of a good cup of chicory coffee (no luck) was Mary Mahoney's Old French House Restaurant. The building was built around 1737, and it's gorgeous. If you like the French Quarter in New Orleans, you'd love this:

Mary Mahoneys

If you go in the gate to the far left of the photo, you'll be in a verdant, beautiful courtyard with brick paving and a 2,000-year old Live Oak tree called the Patriarch. It's so big you can't get it all in one view, let alone in a camera frame. I guessed that it's about 14 feet in circumference:

The Patriarch

As I was standing there with Mom goggle-eyed at this giant tree, my phone rang. It was Betty, calling to tell me the IK Summer Preview was up, and her first published pattern would soon be available.

It's a gorgeous, linen-blend dress knit out of GGH Linova, and I think it's just perfect. Send some love to Betty today - girl, you rock! Well played! :o)


Blogger She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

Oh, Honey, "good cup of chicory coffee" is the most oxy-est oxymoron of them all.

Biloxi does have it's beauty, however. I was so sad when the hurricane destroyed Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis' home. A beautiful piece of history, gone for future generations. It is being restored, but it will never be the same. When we watched the film in the little theatre, where Hal Holbrook played Davis, we almost believed we were watching Davis himself!

So happy to see the 2000 year old tree still standing. That's the first thing I wondered about when I saw the storm in Biloxi.

Hopefully my DD and I will be able to visit later in the month, if we make a fast trip to LSU and Auburn.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Beautiful tree! It's amazing.

6:41 AM  

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