Sunday, April 20, 2008


So, 53 different people left comments for my contest, and I'm giving away 11 patterns - 10 from the random drawing and one for the best salon name. I laughed my head off at these - thanks so much for leaving a comment!

Which is Heide, who passes Neiman Barkus every day on her way to work. Congratulations, Heide!

The 10 random winners are:
1. Helena (Metropawlitan Dog)
2. Karen (Groomingdale's)
3. Soxanne (Tortoise and Hair)
4. Yarnbeans (Ocean Waves and Cuts - but points for the Chinese Restaurant name as well!)
5. AnnMarie (Lidz ?)
6. firemanshunny (Hair to Eternity)
7. Carol (Human Groomin')
8. Beth (Hairitige)
9. Gretchen (Mo Hair - and others)
10. Danielle (Anita Kurl)

Did everyone laugh as much as these as I did? I always check the yellow pages when I travel for funny salons. Here are some of my favorites:

The Bush Whacker
Cuts n' Blessings
Hair Force
Wig Villa
Bark N Tweet Pet Boutique
The Barking Lot
Hair Apparent
The strangely named "Before and After Unisex Salon" - sounds kind of like an operation is involved

Anyway, if you're on the list - email me and I'll send you a pdf of the pattern! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg! I never win anything! how exciting!

3:44 PM  

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