Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hi again!

Once again, I apologize for the severe lack of posting. I've been super busy at work, and can't seem to get myself to do much in the way of picture taking in the dark. I did get a weird one of Grady -

Grady is an odd one.

I have no idea what he's doing there. I think he tries to move in his sleep and does a sort of zombie crawl.

And Grumperina talked about this the other day - Canal du Midi syndrome, she calls it. Woefully, poetically awful photos of socks run alongside a perfectly beautiful pattern that never gets noticed because of the photography.

The Merino Lace socks from Favorite Socks are one such example, and I have to admit that being able to actually SEE the lace pattern swayed me, and I cast on for them last week. I ignored them quite a bit, then picked them up last night after having done about five rounds, and zoooooom:

Merino lace sock

(I apologize for the extremely poor light in the picture. I feel sure that when the sun eventually comes out, it will love this sock.)

I'm midway through the heel flap already, and this sock is a genuine Jen curiosity - the rare sock that gets made with a longer than 5" cuff. It's such a cool pattern, and I'm so enamored of it I don't want to go to bed. I kinda forgot about Glee. I spent all day Saturday (when I should have been hooking up Haloscan comments) knitting a penguin for my niece. And on Sunday I spent all day knitting his feet, because this penguin MUST have blue toes. (I will explain more at a later date.) I ended up double-knitting them, and I'm really happy. But I have not been very productive.

So anyway...more tomorrow! (I hope.)


Blogger bellamoden said...

That's gorgeous! Sigh. So many socks so little time.

It completely aggravates me when gorgeous stuff is photographed so blahishly. Sigh!

And grady is weird.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Grady looks like a monster cat there! I think Willow would want to use him as a pillow ;)

6:12 AM  
Blogger Meghann said...

Nice socks! I did that pattern for my sockapalooza pal and loved it!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Knit - R - Done said...

I wish they could wrap great patterns in the silver foil Juicy fruit liners - I can't resist shiny.

I guess that's why I have to google a pattern before I try it. The colors I look good in photograph barftastically.

Nice cat.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

I come for the kitty pics anyway! That's a bizarr-o pic of Grady.

10:30 AM  

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