Sunday, October 21, 2007

Go Titans!

Apologies to the Houstonians out there. We barely eeked it out but wow, what a game. The drama!

The cats would like me to post pictures of them. They feel I've been neglecting them with blogging too many words and no pictures. I had a signed manifesto nailed to my bedroom door this morning with a cat-claw for a nail.



Also, tomorrow I have to get my teeth cleaned, which I have said before that I really, really hate, and it still feels weird to be going to a new dentist I didn't choose, but everything else is the same in the office, etc. So I can't think of a witty blog post.


Blogger bellamoden said...

Dentists are a real love-hate thing. They were ok before I met a semi truck. Now? Maybe not so much. But I love the clean!

You'll be okay. I know it.

And eep! That fee is the one who did the manifesto, I think....

8:09 PM  

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